6 Volleyball Positions

In typical, indoor Volleyball, there are 6 players on court at one time. More often than not there are 2 or 3 individuals sitting on the seat (more in the event that it is an expert amusement) who are pivoted in as needed. The positions are numbered 1 through to 6. Position 1 is spotted in the back right hand corner of the court. Position 2 is the right hand side outside hitter. Position 3 is the center hitter in the front column. Position 4 is the outside hitter on the left hand side. Position 5 is the left hand player at the back of the court and position 6 is the center back line player.


Positions 2, 3 and 4 are known as front column players, and position 5, 6 and 1 are known as back line players. The back line safeguards the ball as this is the place most spikes and serves area and the front players do the assaulting. In most abnormal state diversions of Volleyball the setter plays in position 1, which is known as a back column setter. In the event that the group has a libero, they will typically take position 6. The libero is the player that does a large portion of the passing, and is permitted to swap with the player from number 6 when it is that group’s chance to get a serve.

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You pivot clockwise when playing Volleyball, and just front hitters can bounce and hit the ball before the forefront. Back column hitters are permitted to spike as well, yet just in the event that they bounce from behind the front line. The two outside hitters on front column typically get high balls from the setter and after that hit the ball down. The center front column hitter normally gets littler sets, implying that the hits are quicker. Volleyball Positions are not that entangled, however it does take a bit of getting used to!


Volleyball drills comprise predominantly of different approaches to hit a ball. The exemplary recipe of pass, set, spike is the principle subject of these drills. Volleyball has a ton more artfulness than simply knowing HOW to hit the ball effectively. Knowing when to hit it, where to hit it, and where to be to hit it effectively are presumably the most critical principal abilities that all players must have. Conceiving volleyball penetrates that will help ingrain these truths into your players’ psyche is the fate of most extreme criticalness.


At the point when taking a gander at the configuration of reasonable volleyball drills, it is key to get your group to comprehend the contrast between their rotational positions and their playing positions. After each one volley, the group all pivots one position clockwise. This gives each one colleague a few opportunities to play at every rotational position, including server. It is imperative for your players to know where they are playing in the turn, as that is the spot they need to come back to after each one play. After the group pivots, this is the position that the players will remain at until the ball is served. Having your players diffuse on the court, then rapidly come back to their positions is one of the essential volleyball bores that will help ingrain this into your players.


After the ball is served, the players will then change to their played positions. Volleyball penetrates that push the significance of being portable are the way to getting these developments down. As you mentor your group, you will perpetually discover a couple of players that are preferable at setting over the rest, while you will discover solid spikers and passers from different players. Clearly you need your strongest players with every skillset to play into their separate qualities. You may find that your strongest setters have been pivoted to an outside blocker position. Since you need those players to have the capacity to rapidly get to the focal point of the court, you can run volleyball bores that will instruct the players how to rapidly move from any position in the pivot to their particular played positions. This will help your colleagues know how to get to their played positions rapidly.



One for the best volleyball penetrates that will chip away at player position control would include experiencing he standard turn, then holding it for a bit while sitting tight for the ball to be served. You can begin genuinely little and have a solitary player gone through all positions in a revolution, then rushing to be in position to cover their played positions, then rapidly coming back to their pivot place. As your colleagues get to be more positive about their developments, you can start to have a greater amount of your group join in on these volleyball drills until you have your entire group in on the turns. As of right now, you can even begin tossing the ball once again the net to recreate a genuine play set in a genuine diversion.


Every player on your group needs to buckle down on your volleyball drills while you are demonstrating to them industry standards to play their rotational and played positions. This will help keep their brain concentrated on where they ought to be at virtually any given minute in the diversion. The reason for all volleyball drills si to impart a feeling of programmed development in your players. The same holds valid in these development drills. You need your group to have the capacity to move and cover both of their two concurrent positions immediately. The less your players need to ponder these things, the smoother their play will get to be.

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