Volleyball Chants & Cheers

For fuelling up the already energized players within the court of volleyball, certain volleyball cheers and chants are echoed. These are like energy boosters and give most spectators an adrenaline rush.  It is very important to make use of such rhymes and chants in such a manner that they harmonize with the game situation. The cheerleaders must be well accustomed with the techniques of the game to chant the cheers in the best way possible. However, volleyball is a much quieter game than football or basketball thus volleyball chants must be expressed only a few times.


Cheers To Make Spectators Groove:

One of the well known volleyball cheers for making the spectators groove:

Hey, hey

Hey, hey, are you ready? (Clap,clap)

Are you ready? (Clap,clap)

To play the game (clap)

Go team (clap)

Go team (clap)

(Name of the team) all the way!

(Reapeat-4 times)


Everybody YELL YELL

(Name of the team) (Twice)

GO (Name of the team)

Hey hey

You get out of our way

Today is the day

We will put you all away

We are number one

Can’t be number two

And we’re going to beat

The whoops out of you

D, D, D

Defense, Defense

Get the ball!!!

(Name of the team) are ready

(Name of the team) are smooth

(Name of the team) will take control

And stomp all over you!!

Hey, you (Name of the team) fans,

Stand up and clap your hands!

Go (Name of the team) Go,

Go (Name of the team) Go!!

Hey, You (Name of the team) Fans

Now let’s see you wave your hand!!

Go (Name of the team) Go, Go (Name of the team) Go!

Go (Name of the team) Go, Go (Name of the team) Go!!


Commonly Chanted Cheer During a Game:


  • ‘one’ –when the serve is received
  • ‘two’- on the set
  • ‘three’- when hit

It is quite a different form of volleyball chants which is most often screamed by the cheerleaders during the rallies.


Cheers During an Ace 1:

Volleyball cheers and chants during an ace are quite fascinating with cheer girls shouting their lungs out, saying:

  • Ahhhhhh Ace! A-C-E!! ACE!!
  • ‘one…..Two….Three…..Ace’
  • Ace-Ahhh ace!!!!
  • A (stomping) –C (stomping) –E (stomping)! Ace (stomping)

Then the cheerleaders land in the center amongst the teammates.


Cheers During an Ace 2:

While serving an ace during a volleyball match, the ambience roars with the energy driven vocals of the cheer girls:

  • C- E ace, what what ace!!

Uno dos tres, ace-ace-ace!!


Ace on 3,

1, 2, 3!!

Ace-ace baby!


Ace ace in your face, awosh ah ah awosh

Ahh tap that ace!

Do an ace stomp then shout ace and twirl your hand in the air.


Spike Them! Chant:

One of the popularly chanted volleyball positions chant which help the players ignite themselves for spiking:

(After a kill) bump, set, spike it, that’s the way we like to play it!

Jump up and hit it, that’s the way we get it, POINT!!

Gooooo (Name of the team)

‘Spike it to them’

Spike them!

GO, Team, GO!!

You have to bump to set, you have to bump to set to spike, you have to spike to win!

Gooooo (Name of the team)

You gotta bump it, to set it, to spike it, to score,

You gotta want it, to win it and we want it more!!


Cheers After a Successful Block:

For blocking, some shrill voices enthrall the spectators with some boosting volleyball cheers:

After slamming the hands on the floor, or enacting a block and then setting the volleyball court on fire with:

  • ‘she said NO’
  • “De-Nied”
  • ‘Shingle, shingle, RoooF!’



Serving Chant:

To encourage the home team when the opponent team is serving, the cheerleaders spell:

C’mon player, hit that serve

We are ready, we’ve got nerve!!


Cheering On a Player:

To kick start the spirit of volleyball game among the spectators and the players, there requires some seasoning, and one of the best volleyball chants which sizzle the show:

‘3 is her number!

(The team echoes)

Audrey is her name!

(The team echoes)

She’s 1 reason!

(The team echoes)

We’re gonna win the game!!
These are just a few general volleyball cheers, but you can also find many custom volleyball chants for your own team by asking the local accommodations.

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