Volleyball Court Dimensions

Lines on the VolleyBall court

Court Dimensions:

The volleyball court dimensions of the playing area are 18 x 9 meters circumscribed by an area of free zone with a length of 3 meters on all its sides. The volleyball court is rectangular in shape and is symmetrical. The free zone just above the playing perimeter is devoid of any kind of obstructions. The free playing zone is placed at a height of at least 7 meters from the playing area. However, according to the rules and regulations, the free zone must be located at least 5-meters away from the side lines and 6.5-meters from the end lines for FIVB, World and Official Competitions. The height of the free playing space from the playing zone is required to measure at least 12.5 meters.


Volleyball court measurement
Volleyball Court Dimensions

Volleyball Court Playing surface:

The playing surface of the volleyball court must be flat, even and horizontal. There must not be any kind of obstacle present within the volleyball court and the surface should neither be uneven or greasy. Slippery or rough surface hinders smooth movement of the ball and the players.  The FIVB, World and Official Competitions require the volleyball court dimensions to be laid down with either wooden or synthetic surface. The playing surface has to be certified by the FIVB from beforehand. For the indoor volleyball games, the volleyball court must be coated with lighter shades in order to identify the ball easily. The FIVB, World and Official competitions require the lines of the court to be in white color and different hues for the volleyball court and the free zone.

For outdoor volleyball games, there has to be a gradient of 5 millimeter per meter for channelizing water. The court lines should not of rigid materials.

Lines on the court:

All the lines within the volleyball court should be 5 meter in width. The color of the court lines should be white and must differ from rest of the playing area or other lines.

  • Boundary Lines: The volleyball court is demarcated by two side lines and end lines. Both of these lines are painted within the volleyball court dimensions of the playing area.
  • Center Line: The axis of the line in the center dissects the volleyball positions court size into two equal halves, each measuring (9×9) meter. The total spread of the center line is supposed to be shared by both the segments of the courts equally. The line stretches below the net from one side line to another.
  • Attack Line: The back end of the attack line is marked from 3 meter behind the axis of the center line, which represents the front zone.

The attack line, in case of FIVB, World and Official Competitions is expanded by incorporating broken lines from the side lines, consisting of 5 short lines measuring 5 cm wide. These lines add up to a length of 1.75 meter (20 cm from one line to another).

Lines on the VolleyBall court
Lines on the Volleyball Court

Court Zones and Areas:

  • Front Zone: On every volleyball court, the front zone is demarcated by the center of the axis line and the back end of the attack line. This zone stretches from the tip of the side-lines to the edge of the free zone.
  • Service Zone: Within the volleyball court size, the service zone takes up an area with a breadth of 9 meter located beyond each of the end lines. The sideways of the service zone is restricted by two short lines each measuring 15 cm in length. This is an extended segment of the side line drawn 20 cm beyond the end line. Both of these short lines form a part of the thickness of the service zone. The service zone goes to a depth limited by the edge of the free zone.
  • Substitution zone: This zone is nestled by both the attack lines extending up to the scorer’s table.
  • Libero Replacement Zone: This zone of the volleyball court is a portion of the free zone on the side edges of the team benches. This zone is demarcated by the attack lines till the end lines.
  • Warm-up Area: The dimension of the Warm-up zone is (3×3) meters, for the FIVB, World and Official Competitions. This is situated outside the free zone on the corners of both the benches.
  • Penalty Area: The dimension of the penalty area is (1×1) meter, consisting of 2 chairs. This zone is located within the control area outside the stretch of the end line. This area is restricted by a red line with a width of 5 cm.

Height Dimensions of the Volleyball Net:

The height of the net is marked at 2.43 m for men and 2.2 m for women, from the center of the court. Its height above the side lines must not exceed 2 cm.

Structure of the Net:

The net of the volleyball court is 1 m wide, with a length of 9.50 to 10 meters, constructed of 10 cm square black mesh. For FIVB, World and Official Competitions, this mesh is used for advertising purposes. At the top, there is 7 cm wide band made up two-fold white canvas with holes on either ends to allow a cord to pass and make the band stand firm. A 5 cm wide band rests below the horizontal one and kept firm with the aid of a thread.

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